Before Your Child’s First Day


It is important for families to become familiar with the centre, having a tour if possible, reading the entire registration package and becoming familiar with its material, please be sure to ask a Supervisor questions if necessary. Informing the centre of any allergies or special health requirements prior to a child’s start date is important to ensure proper forms have been filled out. Be prepare for a longer drop off on your first few days of care, adjusting your schedule as much as possible to accommodate getting acquainted with the site and staff. This is also a time for our staff to get to know you and your family.

Integration Period

Pladec believes before children and families begin it is very important that your child is integrated into the programs, if possible. The purpose of this gradual integration is to ease children into a new child care environment that involves many routines and transitions throughout the day. Another important factor is that your child will need to adjust to many new friends and adults in his/her life. This integration period is up to the parents/guardians discretion, arranging with your site supervisor based on ratios and available times will allow you the additional opportunity to familiarize yourself and your child with the surroundings and answer any additional questions you may have. This will also allow the staff the opportunity to meet with you and your child to familiarize themselves with your family’s routines and specific needs.

Adjusting to the centre and program can vary between each child. It is important to encourage your child to go through routines and interact with other children but do not insist. Your child is adjusting to new people and transitions. Your child may seem more fatigued than normal during their first few days, they may seem upset during this time of separation, this often occurs when a child is transitioning to a new environment and away from their normal primary care giver. Your child’s teachers may have some helpful insight into ways to decrease your child’s anxiety with the new transition. For further comfort families may contact the centre throughout the day to speak with your child’s teacher regarding whether your child has settled throughout the day and the activities they have been participating in.

What to wear

Children should dress for an active and fun day. We suggest comfortable, washable play clothes, with comfortable hard soled shoes and weather appropriate outdoor wear.

What to bring

You child will need an extra set of clothes in their cubby (tops, bottoms, sock, underwear and sweater) just in case of any spills or misses. We encourage families to be sure to write your child’s name in each item of clothing as many children have similar items. Children will need indoor shoes, a tooth brush, blanket, diapers and/or pull ups, diaper cream, formula/breast milk, bottle and seasonally appropriate outdoor clothing including a hat. If you child has a special sleep toy or soother for napping these can also be brought to day care. Pladec provides children with snacks, meals, diaper wipes, sunscreen and water bottles.

Recommended outdoor wear:

Winter: snow pants, hat, neck warmer, coat, waterproof mittens, and waterproof boots. We also suggest always having a spare sweater in your child’s cubby for days he/she is wearing a t-shirt.
Spring/Autumn: splash pants, rain boots, outdoor shoes, light mittens, sun hat, winter hat, sweater and coat.
Summer: Sun hat, light sweater, outdoor shoes.