Staff Qualifications

Our caregivers and educators are sensitive, supportive and interested observers, using their observations as an ongoing process, so that children can be given the opportunity to succeed at their own level of development.

The teaching staff are selected and placed in classrooms based on their experiences, education and ability to identify the individual strengths of each child. They work to enhance these skills and develop new abilities. The teachers function is to be a guide and facilitator nurturing your child’s developmental needs.

Majority of Pladec staff are Early Childhood Educator holding a positive standing with the College of Early Childhood Educators and each classroom is staffed with a minimum of one Registered Early Childhood Educator. All of our staff members are qualified in various other child care educational backgrounds, these staff members are encouraged to apply for their Early Childhood Education equivalency through the College of Early Childhood Educators and the Ministry of Education. All staff are also required to be trained in up to date First Aid and CPR, trained in anaphylactic procedures including Epi-Pen administration as well as obtain a clear Criminal Reference Check.

Our on-site cook is trained in the Safe Food Handling course offered by the KFL&A Public Health Unit. Pladec’s cooks take pride in their planned menus which meet the requirements of both the Canadian Food Guide and Child Care and Early Years Act 2014 (CCEYA).