About Pladec

Pladec Day Care Centres Inc. was established in 1982, with the help of a small government grant, several energetic parents, and soon-to-be parents. These parents dedicated themselves to the cause by shopping garage sales, building a playground, and seeking donations. Because of all their hard work Pladec became incorporated, developed policies and procedures, and successfully established one of the first workplace day care centres in a government facility in Ontario, and the first of its kind in Kingston. The centre provided care for parents working 12-hour shifts with a flexible care schedule both full and part-time.

Pladec - Mack StreetIn March of 2008, Pladec moved operations to its location at 349 Mack Street (Pladec Mack). This move allowed for 11 additional day care spaces to be made available. This site has nine infant, fifteen toddler and sixteen preschooler positions.

Pladec - East locationIn June 2010, Pladec expanded their services to the east end of Kingston and Pladec East was opened. An additional ten infant, fifteen toddler, thirty-two preschooler and fifteen school-age positions became available, and twelve additional staff were hired. A summer camp for children aged six to twelve years began its operation in 2011 with great success, continuing its growth each year.

Pladec Day Care Centres operates in compliance with the Ministry of Education (MEDU), following the guidelines of the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA), and the requirements of the KFL&A Public Health Unit.

Pladec Board of Directors

Each spring the Board of Directors hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM), all families are encouraged to attend to meet our current members, learn about our successes from the year, ask questions about the centre and learn about becoming a member. Being a member of the Board of Directors requires a commitment of our monthly meetings, which are held after hours. This is a great way to learn more about day care operations, voice your opinions, meet other parents/guardians and vote on important day care business. Our meetings usually last approximately an hour and a half. A family may join the Board of Directors together, allowing you to alternate meetings and share a vote.

For additional information regarding our centres please view our current Parent Handbook.